“Yes, that’s a spiger,” Andy said. “They grow as big as a pickup truck and can jump thirty-five feet or more and swallow a man whole." - Pandemonium

Spigers are named after a combination of the word Spider and Tiger. They are form that Henders Rats can grow into if feed by other Rats in times of abundance, They resemble larger versions of the Henders Rat the size of a Tiger with bony plates and fur covered in iridescent stripes of pink and orange. Like most of the Fauna of Henders Island they are highly aggresivee predatory carnivores. Spigers if injured will killed by a feeding frenzy like all Henderian fauna. Geoffrey speculates Spigers developed as a food despositories for the rats, being forced to prey on marcofauna due to their size resulting in the Rats eating either the Spigger or is prey in the ensuing feeding frenzy.

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